The road to Bitrise: an interview with Business Development Representative, Lily Semere

We are talented, we are explorers, and nothing is impossible at Bitrise! Meet Lily, Business Development Representative from the Netherlands. Read about her journey to Bitrise, her defining career moments, and what’s possible to achieve at Bitrise and beyond. 

Why did you choose to work at Bitrise?

Coming from a business administration background, I was always interested in working in a fast-paced dynamic environment and growing start-ups with a reputable value proposition was where I wanted to kickstart my career. When I first looked at Bitrise I wanted to join the team that was behind creating the product that meant so much to the market. And having been here for a year and a half, the culture Bitrise presented at the beginning is exactly if not more than what I expected. From higher management to team orgs, everyone believes in the vision, the product and most importantly in collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What’s it like working at Bitrise? Tell us about the team culture!

Working at Bitrise is unique. The heart of our culture is truly the people who make it all happen. This is due to the great work management has done over the years not only to prepare a culture of collaboration, feedback and togetherness but also nurturing it so that new team members get inspired to keep the atmosphere alive. That is why every single person at Bitrise understands the mission, the vision and most importantly the product that we represent. Last but not least, being an internationally recognized organization, it was necessary for us to localize and diversify the makeup of our team and in return having such a rich team gave our work culture depth and helped us approach our market with personal understanding.

What keeps you inspired?

Two things keep me inspired. The people that I get the pleasure to work with and the product that I represent. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a team that works in a collective manner heading towards the same goal. I mean we all want to be successful in our respective roles but that is not going to happen unless you are surrounded by people who believe in you and are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. Secondly, what Bitrise, THE mobile-specific CI/CD, brings to the mobile application development market is grandiose. The amount of conversations I have on the daily from users on the burdens Bitrise has been able to solve for their team, on the ROI and resources allocated, developer happiness and many more is the fuel that keeps on inspiring me.

Things that I have learnt since joining Bitrise

I joined Bitrise a year and half ago and since then I have been able to deepen my understanding in the world of mobile CI/CD. Starting from the beginning, I was greeted by resources designed to enhance my understanding of the market and learning what goes behind the scenes of mobile applications is the highlight of my journey. In addition, working closely with our regional manager has given me a broader view of managing a team and cross-functional collaboration. 

​​What kind of skills do you need to have to work effectively at Bitrise?

Apart from the necessary skills and knowledge needed for each role, the main thing we look for is curiosity. A curious person will not only fit in Bitrise but will ace their role. And the main reason is because we have a very technical product so being proactive and taking the initiative to ask, to collaborate, to question gives you the Bitrise DNA. We also love a good sense of humor.

What’s your favorite method of learning?

I learn most by doing. I think most people would also say the same. There is nothing better than gaining knowledge from seeing how others work, how to handle conflict or even how to sell. As I highlighted earlier, every Bitrise employee has a roadmap designed to help them grow with the ever changing environment and the moment I was assigned with that and started working on projects, collaborating with my colleagues, I was able to learn more and now things come naturally. I think that's the beauty of SaaS - learning by doing.

What would you do for a career if you weren't doing this? 

This is a tough question. I have always been in sales and my first love came from the first internship I did as an SDR so my love for what I do reaches deep but thankfully I have other passions that would have probably been my other career options. I believe in a calling so anything that involves working with NGOs or within communities and advocating for human rights is what I would have done full time.

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