New report: The state of mobile shopping apps in 2021

The shopping industry is one that is always in flux. One that's always responding to changes in consumer behavior and the expectations that shoppers have when it comes to where and how they do their shopping. 

The global pandemic has accelerated many of the changes already underway in ecommerce. And mobile, which has long been important, now represents a whopping 72.9% of total ecommerce spend. To put it mildly: being competitive in the mobile space as an e-retailer is no longer a choice that has to be made but a matter of survival. 

In our new report examining the mobile shopping sector, we will show you:

  • That mobile commerce revenue saw 10 years’ growth in just three months at the beginning of 2020
  • Why mobile dominates consumer ecommerce spend
  • That the top shopping apps have an average release frequency of just 9.8 days
  • Which are the cutting-edge features giving apps a competitive edge
  • How Mobile DevOps practices can prevent lost revenue caused by poor performance and bad releases

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