Introducing the Mobile DevOps finance benchmarks

Discover how mobile teams building finance apps rate themselves across the five key Mobile DevOps metrics.

Earlier this year, we launched MODAS — or the Mobile DevOps Assessment. This is the first assessment of its kind that is aimed at allowing mobile teams to assess their Mobile DevOps performance, productivity, and maturity. 

The assessment survey is split into four stages representing the app delivery process — Creation, Testing, Deployment, and Monitoring — with the final fifth stage, Collaboration, touching on them all. 

Over 1,600 teams around the world have now taken the assessment. With representatives from teams big and small, and from across the entire range of app categories, these results are our first glimpse into how mobile teams report their own performance. 

Today, we’re pleased to share that first glimpse with a focus on mobile finance teams. 

In this blog post, we will share a summary of the headline results. But for the full detail, including additional insights that drill down further beyond the opening key metric, please download our report. The report will also provide you with a curated appendix of resources to develop your and your team’s knowledge, so we’d encourage you to read the full thing.  

Or, check out the video about Mobile DevOps for finance apps:

Without further ado, here are the benchmarks for mobile teams making finance apps, comparing an average performer with a top performer:

A top-performing mobile finance team deploys a new version of their app at least every two weeks, takes at the most two weeks to get a feature from “scoped” to “deployed”, sees less than 10% of their overall releases as hotfixes, and takes less than 24 hours to fix a critical bug. And those teams consider the level of collaboration across the whole Mobile Product Organization — including teams such as engineering, product, and platform — as a 9 or higher out of 10. 

These are the benchmarks to which your team should be comparing itself and aiming for. 

These results are our first look at the “how”. They allow you to benchmark your team’s performance against its peers. Armed with this knowledge, you can take a more objective look at the areas your team could stand to improve in. And our new downloadable report will take you a step further by providing a curated list of resources across each of the five areas of MODAS. 

And soon, we will be sharing further insights that tackle the “why”. What are the practices, processes, and attitudes that the best performers share? Stay tuned — and sign up to the Mobile DevOps Newsletter for updates.

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