Feature Request Friday: May 17 – June 7

Let's check out all the feature requests we've received in the past few weeks!

Developing new features for our platform is one of the key ways we can make sure we are giving you the best service possible — and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. Let’s take a look at all the feature requests that we have received in the past few weeks!

Rights management per workflow

Our first feature request comes from Deniss B, who would like to see specific access rights for running workflows, which would allow release managers and admins to be granted exclusive rights for shipping new versions of their app.

Expose app icon url as an environment variable in workflow

Next up, we have a request from Dominik Roszkowski, who would like to see an environment variable that contains the URL of the app’s icon, which would be useful in Slack steps and other notification channels.

Update Xcode 10.2 stack to use the latest version of Cocoapods

Our next feature request comes from Alex Mason, who asked about updating the Cocoapods version on the Xcode 10.2 stack, due to build issues when dealing with the older version.

Support multiple email addresses

Next up, we have a request from Bjost, who would like to see the option of having multiple e-mail addresses per user in order to be able to set up different group notifications. This feature would benefit users with multiple organizations, as they would be able to handle their separate notifications from different groups through the separate addresses.

Produce pretty tests reports with the “Gradle Unit Test” step (same as “Android Unit Test”)

Next, we have a request from Etienne Girot, who would like to see a “Gradle Unit Test” step, similar to the “Android Unit Test”. This would produce user-friendly, online reports which would benefit those for whom “Android Unit Test” is not an optimal option.

Show Email address behind usernames

We also saw a feature request from Jens Bruggemans, who would like to see the option to have users’ e-mail addresses displayed in their organization and team screens. This would help with identifying outside contributors, as well as people with creative usernames.

Define build pass criteria for test cases

Last but not least, we had a feature request from Vijaya Kumar Pandurangan, who would like to see the option of customizable build pass criteria for test cases. In effect, this would mean that a user can decide whether builds with certain number of test cases failing still get to be marked as passed or not.

That’s it for now, folks! Make sure you go and vote on your favorite feature requests to help us see just what it is you'd really want to see on Bitrise. Have any ideas that you haven't seen mentioned? Post them on the feature request page — all you have to do is log into your account, click "New Topic" on the top right corner of the page, and you're good to go! See you in two weeks with a new Feature Request Friday!

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