Bitrise’s fundraising campaign for Ukraine

Our impact goes beyond mobile apps

March 2022: Ukraine has been attacked by Russia. Just like everyone else in the world right now, we are closely watching all the news concerning the situation in Ukraine. 

We as individuals and as a company reject all violent actions and stand for peaceful resolutions. We strongly stand for freedom, equality, and humanity

Our hearts and all our thoughts now go to Ukrainians and their families. Our priority is the wellbeing of our people, and the safety of the Bitrise community, so we offer all possible help, support and consolation to our friends. 

Last week we started a fundraising campaign within Bitrise for the benefit of Age of Hope, a Hungarian civil humanitarian organization we chose to support together. Our employees have proven their commitment and Bitrise matched the raised amount so it reaches over 11 500 000 HUF (~33 400 USD) in total. Caring and helping each other is in our DNA, so it was natural for us to do something meaningful and offer immediate support to those in need. By adopting a new volunteer day-off policy at Bitrise, we do everything we can to enable our team members to participate in volunteer activities.
Bitrise's fundraising campaign

Together we show integrity & empathy, communicating transparently, sharing a common vision and making an impact by taking action.

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