Bitrise Checks Plus on GitHub

See your Bitrise test result summaries on GitHub as a Check and fix issues more quickly, on the spot.

We’ve just released additional features to Bitrise Checks: in addition to the Bitrise build summary and a check status, now you can see your test result summaries. Each test suit will have its own summary under Bitrise Checks. If any of your tests fail, its failure reason will be printed here so that you can fix it more easily.

How to use it

First of all, you’ll have to install Bitrise Checks (read more here), and then we can send your test result summaries from Bitrise to GitHub.

Please note that the supported Steps are:

  • Xcode Test for iOS
  • Android Unit Test
  • iOS Device Testing
  • Virtual Device Testing for Android
  • Deploy to

(Pro tip: You can export results from any testing Steps following this guide.)

All your test results on Bitrise

For the Steps mentioned above (and all the others), you can collect and see all the results in the Test Reports add-on on Bitrise. Click on any of your builds' page:

And then Test Reports:

Here you can see all the results, not only the failed ones:

How do you like this new feature? Let us know on Twitter. Happy building!

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