Behind the scenes — Women in tech series: Madré Roothman

At Bitrise, we hire a diverse range of people from all over the world to work together to create the best mobile CI/CD tool on the market — and we're proud of the people working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. In our “Behind the Scenes — Women of Bitrise” series, we sit down with some of the women of Bitrise to provide a glimpse into who makes it all work, what they do, and how they achieved success.

This round we’re talking to Madré Roothman, our Product Marketing Manager in the Netherlands.

Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Growing up in the bushveld of the Northwest Province in South Africa has instilled in me a deep love and profound respect for nature. This draws me away from the city every now and again toward places where I can fully immerse myself in mother nature’s beauty, whether that means being on land hiking or diving beneath the water's surface. In addition to my passion for nature, I am also a writer, having been published as an author and penning a children's book. Professionally you’ll learn more about me in the Q&A below 🙂

Did you always know that working in a tech company was what you wanted to do? How did you decide to go into engineering/tech…?

Nope! While I enjoyed my time working in traditional ad agencies for over a decade, I realized that I wanted something else from my career. I wanted to be at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that directly address user pain points, rather than promoting existing solutions through strategic creative campaigns.

That being said, as someone who is passionate about helping people, I found that being able to solve customer issues through technology was incredibly rewarding. As a Product Marketing Manager, I have the unique opportunity to collaborate with various teams, including product, sales, and customer support, to create and deploy solutions that truly make a difference.

The possibilities are truly endless in the tech industry, and I feel empowered and excited by the potential to make a real impact.

What is it like to be a woman working in the tech industry for you?

Studies and surveys about women working in the tech industry facing several challenges, unfortunately, ring true. Women are underrepresented in the tech industry, particularly in leadership positions, and often face discrimination.

However, many women continue to thrive in the tech industry and are working to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all. At Bitrise, we had our Woman’s Day roundtable chat with Nisha Btesh from Hola Gwapa, followed by women at Bitrise sharing thoughts and ideas on just this topic. It made me realise that I’m surrounded by a team of incredible women already, and I don’t have to look far or wide to find inspirational female leaders.

There is still work to be done, but there are many positive aspects of being a woman in the tech industry, including the ability to make a meaningful impact and be part of an innovative field.

What’s your role at Bitrise? What do you do on a typical day?

As a Product Marketing Manager, I see myself as the cogwheel between product, sales, and marketing. I'm responsible for driving the success of our product by developing and executing marketing strategies that align with our overall business goals.

This includes understanding our target audience, the competitive landscape, and the unique selling points of Bitrise. I also conduct market research to gather insights on our user needs, preferences, and pain points to inform our positioning.

On a more executional level, I create go-to-market plans to define the product messaging and positioning. My job also involves developing marketing materials such as sales collateral, website content, blog posts, emails, etc, to support the teams/help drive conversions. When I can distill technical concepts into clear, compelling messaging that resonates with our users—I know Im on the right track.

Why did you choose to work at Bitrise, how did it turn out?

Our product. So far so good.

What makes you get up in the morning?

What motivates me is the people at Bitrise. Working alongside such a passionate and talented team of individuals is fulfilling. Their drive, creativity, and dedication to making a difference in the tech industry is contagious and pushes me to be my best self. Together, we are building something truly remarkable, and I can't wait to see what we'll achieve next.

What learning/growth opportunities have impacted you most?

The level of expertise and support that I have experienced at Bitrise is truly unparalleled. I never hesitate to reach out to anyone for help or guidance when I need it—as I know my team will help me understand even the most complex concepts and features. Also, our acquisition of last year has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of caching. The opportunities for learning and growth are truly endless, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this dynamic and innovative team.

What advice would you pass on to other women to help them progress in this industry? What do you wish you had known?

  1. Find a mentor or sponsor
  2. Build your network
  3. Continuously learn and develop new skills
  4. Advocate for yourself
  5. Be persistent

The tech industry can be challenging, but in the words of Glennon Doyle, “We Can Do Hard Things”.

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