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We are always delighted to hear from members of our community about their mobile engineering & DevOps practices. Whether you've run into an interesting Mobile DevOps challenge, are using Bitrise to see your app through the delivery lifecycle, or have some tips to share about managing a mobile engineering team — we’d love to hear your story!

If you would like to publish a guest post on our blog, please read our editorial guidelines and fill out the submission form below.

Why publish on the Bitrise Blog?

  • Your blog posts are included in our biweekly newsletters and shared on our social media profiles.
  • Bitrise is a trusted site, so publishing on Bitrise helps you build your industry credibility and online presence.
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About the process 

We consider all submissions, but due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot respond to each author. If we accept your article, we will contact you within 2 weeks of submission. If you do not hear from us, feel free to reach out to other sites about publishing your piece. We prefer original content, but articles can be published elsewhere too; we don't require exclusivity.

The Bitrise community is tech-savvy, so we are most likely to post articles that are tech-heavy and aimed at engineers, such as:

  • Mobile DevOps best practices.
  • Building mobile infrastructure.
  • Mobile testing.
  • Moving from Jenkins to cloud CI.
  • Mobile engineering performance best practices.
  • Monitoring.

Here are some relevant content ideas to get you started:

  • What you’ve learned as a Mobile DevOps Engineer.
  • How you use Bitrise to increase your app impact.
  • Step-by-step descriptions of how you set up, configure, or add steps, or integrations.
  • How to manage a mobile organization.
  • How to make mobile app development more efficient.

You can read what's on our blog already for inspiration.

Getting published on the Bitrise Blog

 Here’s what you need to know about getting published on the Bitrise Blog:

  • Articles will appear on the Bitrise Blog under the writer's (full) name.
  • Articles can be published elsewhere too, we don't require exclusivity.
  • You can submit your article by sharing it via a cloud base service (GDocs, Gist, GitHub, etc.).
  • Our primary language is (US) English, but we accept Japanese articles if they are relevant.

Apart from the text, please consider submitting:

  • Screenshots/code snippets: not wider than 650 pixels and readable. We will provide the blog post cover.
  • Your profile picture.
  • Any relevant links: Twitter, LinkedIn, work, etc. While your bio links are nofollow links, the links within your story are canonicalised, so this is your chance to share relevant information about your company or project! However, note that excessive link promotion will not be published.
  • Ymls and short video footage are always welcome.


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