Bitrise Ship: Continuous deployment for mobile

Fast and easy continuous deployment to testers, Google Play Console and Apple’s App Store Connect for your mobile apps.

Fast and effective deployment with Ship

Collaborate more effectively and provide your teams with on the go access to the latest build, anytime, anywhere: Ship is the Bitrise-native continuous deployment service built for native and cross-platform apps where publishing requires minimal config and maintenance.

Whether you’re a QA Engineer, a Project Manager, a Mobile Developer or any other stakeholder, Ship has something exciting and practical to offer. Let’s see.

360˚ release management

Check out the latest iteration of your app on the Version History page. From here you can dive into more granularity, for example, editing deployment metadata such as description, screenshots, marketing copies, feature graphics and app parameters.


What good is a new build if nobody knows about it, right? Add email addresses of developers and any other stakeholders so that they get notified about various events: new version, new build has completed, failed or completed publication. All recipient get a link to the public install page where they can check out the app.

Intuitive dashboard, easy navigation

Ship is built for ease of use. Click to your continuous deployment service from any Build’s page, no separate login required.

Easily scroll through a collection of all versions or builds you app has generated on the Version History page. Drill deeper into any build for advanced deployment and configurations options, metadata or marketing copy.

Done working on your deployments? Find your way back to Bitrise from any place in Ship, for example, directly to specific features like the Workflow Editor or the Code Signing tab.

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