Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel: Your ultra-low latency cache service for maximum build acceleration

Many options for Bazel build cache have emerged since Google open-sourced the build system. For the engineering team concerned with performance, Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel is the fastest cache solution available on the market. Engineered for low-latency at every layer and at any scale, Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel maximizes the velocity of your team.

Near-zero latency

Borrowing approaches from high performance computing, Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel eliminates the biggest bottleneck on the speed of your build cache: latency.

Flexible and reliable

Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel is available as a turn-key, managed cloud service or deployed into your environment.

Maximum efficacy

Our advanced content-defined chunking storage implementation optimizes cache hit rate, resulting in  maximum build and test avoidance.

What’s Unique about Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel

Bitrise is the fastest remote build cache for Bazel through a relentless elimination of latency on cache read responses. Latency in a remote build cache, particularly with high read-volume build systems like Bazel, results in longer builds. In some cases, latency causes build durations to extend longer than not using a remote build cache at all. Latency is the enemy of developer velocity.

Bitrise Build Cache has been engineered at every layer for near-zero latency. Starting at the metal, Bitrise colocates cache instances with CI agents to reduce network travel distance. Cache servers use high performance m.2 SSDs at the persistent storage layer for fast reads and writes, and the highest volume entries are also placed in memory for even faster reads. Moving higher in abstraction, the core systems are implemented in C/C++ and Rust for performance, and content-defined chunking is used to maximize the number of entries held in memory. Thinking globally, replicas of this system are spread across a CDN so that the local developer experience is just as performant as CI, regardless of team geography.

Deployed according to your needs

Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel is available as a turn-key, fully-managed tool, or it can be deployed into your cloud environment. Pairing the fully managed build cache with Bitrise CI results in a maximally optimized build environment for both performance and operating cost, but it is not a requirement to adopt Bitrise CI to use Bitrise Build Cache. Bitrise Build Cache will meet you where your team is at.

Fully managed by Bitrise or deployed into your cloud account
Secure, SOC2 compliant
Horizontally scalable
Stable—high availability with SLA guarantees

Ultimate Bazel build performance

Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel is heavily optimized for read operations to maximize your team’s velocity. Our promise is that Bitrise Build Cache delivers faster build performance than any other Bazel cache your team tries.

State-of-the-art Cache Storage Engine
m.2 SSD + in-memory storage
Network latency elimination
Maximum cache hit rate

Intelligent Cache for your Bazel build

Bitrise Build Cache is powered by content-defined chunking and Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithms that ensure the maximal hit rate of cache entries—thereby ensuring an economical use of compute resources while maintaining top performance.

Content-defined chunking deduplication
LRU eviction policy
Proprietary replication across CDN

Local developer experience

Maintaining a smooth local developer experience is the reason for adopting advanced build systems, but without replicating cache entries at the edge, latency will harm local build performance. Using Bitrise Build Cache for Bazel, local developer builds are boosted by a global CDN with points of presence in all major metros across 6 continents.

CDN for low latency
Excellent performance for distributed teams
Efficient replication logic for managing cost

Increase your Bazel build speed