Bitrise Build Cache for Tuist: A high-performance, fully managed cache for your Tuist project

A fully managed cache service is now available to the Tuist community. Bitrise Build Cache supercharges Tuist app builds.

Speed up build times for your whole team

Increase your iOS developers' velocity with faster CI and local builds. Build outputs are shared across CI and developer laptop builds. This means build once, re-use everywhere. For optimal performance, the primary cache instance is colocated with the CI agents with replicas across a global CDN. This delivers consistently fast performance for all users.

Avoid the setup and maintenance overhead

Skip the overhead of hosting your own cache service, and focus on delivering features to your app. Setup effort with self-hosting is eliminated by using Bitrise’s managed service, meaning you get turn-key build acceleration. With a managed service, you also get to skip the ongoing overhead of updates, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Run in a compliant environment

Source code and the intermediate outputs of compilation processes are a mobile software company's most protected intellectual property. Bitrise is SOC2 certified and trusted by thousands of development teams.

About Bitrise Build and Test caching solution for your Tuist builds

Bitrise is the first CI provider to deliver a fast and easy-to-use remote build cache. In addition to being fully managed, it is infinitely horizontally scalable, and it is co-located with Bitrise CI workers for maximum performance. Moreover, developers will also benefit from Bitrise-powered geographically distributed CDN edge nodes, which will speed up their local builds. Under the hood it’s powered by Flare Build Systems, Inc. technology, which was acquired by Bitrise for its outstanding cache engine performance.

Fully managed SaaS for Tuist builds

As a fully managed product, Bitrise Build Cache provides numerous benefits, with the primary benefit being the elimination of maintenance and support costs. In addition to the scalability and stability of the solution, a SOC2 compliant environment ensures customer data safety.

Secure, SOC2 compliant
Easy to adopt—a “drag and drop” Step solution.
Stable—high availability with SLA guarantees
Always up-to-date with automatic updates

Ultimate Tuist build performance

The Bitrise Build Cache is heavily optimized for read operations to provide you with maximum speed. Cache nodes and CI build executors are colocated, minimizing network latency. Bitrise Build Cache is equipped with a powerful LRU algorithm, which maximizes the cache hit rate.

Advanced Cache Engine
Near-zero Latency
Maximum cache hit rate
Infinitely and horizontally scalable.

Intelligent Cache for your Tuist build

Our Build Cache is powered by an LRU algorithm that places high-usage entries in-memory for fast reads and ensures deletion of entries when no longer needed—thereby always ensuring an optimally sized, economical, and performant cache for your builds.

Zero configuration
LRU eviction policy
Cost efficient

Local developer experience

Bitrise Build Cache keeps your team in the flow state by providing cache not only to CI but also to their local environment. This means iOS developers no longer have to wait for lengthy builds when, for example, switching between branches or pulling in new changes.

CDN ensures fast performance for distributed teams
Intelligent replication maximizes edge node hit rate
Scalable to large teams

Bitrise vs Other CI Providers: Caching Solutions

The build cache for Tuist is not available from any other CI providers.
Build Cache for Tuist
Dependency caching (Key-Value)

Bitrise Build Cache for Tuist vs Tuist Cloud

How Bitrise stacks up:
Tuist Cloud
Bitrise Build
CDN for local build performance
Uptime SLAs
99.0% - 99.99% Uptime, depending on support tier
Support SLAs
Cloud costs for data transfer
Fully-hosted web dashboard
SOC2 Compliant

Ready for high performance Tuist Caching?