Migrating from Buddybuild

From March 31st, Buddybuild will no longer be supported and will fully cease operations by fall of 2021. Find out why teams like Deliveroo have moved to Bitrise, and kick off your migration today!

iOS-specific solutions

Why iOS teams migrate from Buddybuild to Bitrise

Automatic code signing

Nobody likes code signing. Connect your Apple Developer Account and let us handle your provisioning profiles. Just set the export method and you’re good to go - you only need to upload your certificates!

Latest Xcode versions

You can select from multiple stacks with different Xcode versions to build your app on. We do our best to provide support for the latest Xcode beta versions within 48 hours of their release. Our Workflow-specific stack setting makes doing a dry run on beta releases a breeze.

Run your unit and UI tests

Run your unit and UI tests on Bitrise, and view your test results in a convenient way with Test Reports. Register test devices on Bitrise, and immediately test your apps on them.

Virtual machines

Every single build on Bitrise runs on a clean virtual machine, which is discarded the moment your build is finished. Our VMs are pre-installed with all the important tools for your iOS apps. Use Xcode as you would on your own computer, and run any custom script you want.

Join teams who have made the switch

Some of our most successful mobile engineering teams on Bitrise today, migrated from using Buddybuild. To make the transition easier, we’ve collected some resources you might find helpful before diving in.

The best iOS integrations and add-ons

Integrating with all the tools you love and use for testing, distribution, and notification.

iOS Auto Provision

Let us manage your iOS Provisioning Profiles automatically for your Xcode project.

iOS Device Testing

iOS Device Testing Run iOS XCUItest on a variety of physical devices.

Deploy to iTunes Connect

Deploy your app with one click to iTunes Connect and straight to your users.


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