Talking about security: it was very important very early on in the life of Bitrise to have a security department. Two primary focuses we have right now: we think it's very important for us to have an SOC2 certification and also to have a better overall strategy for our app development and platform security.

Viktor Benei

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What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities are required in the Security Team? How do you improve on them?

Kiss Róbert
Security Manager

Security at Bitrise is an interesting area: it’s very diverse so our team members have to be as versatile — and sharp — as a Swiss army knife. They should know a little bit of everything, like networking, coding, encryption standards, common vulnerabilities, designing cloud infrastructure or deciding if a security alert is false positive and if not, how to react to potential incidents. This means the life of a security team member never gets boring and there are multiple areas where one can focus or specialise in based on their own interests. Online courses, reporting bugs in bug bounty programs or participating in online CTF events are just a few ways to improve in these areas. I think the most effective way is to join Bitrise where continuous learning is not just possible but also supported, so you can learn by doing compared to just watching or reading.