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At Bitrise we have a fantastic team of product managers who practice cutting edge concepts and techniques constantly evolving with the rapidly changing software market. You’ll get to work on a product that is serving thousands of mobile engineers doubling the revenue year over year.

Filip Szymanski

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What do our team members say?

Learn about the challenges they face, the knowledge they need and what they love about working at Bitrise.

What does your job entail and what challenges do you meet?

Botond Csomortáni
Principal Product Manager

As a product person, my job is to align the customer needs with the technology and the business. This is an exciting, multidisciplinary job that never gets boring. The job starts with customer research, with understanding the pain points of our users. At the same time, I must understand the technology and collaborate with multiple stakeholders from engineering. My job is to create clarity by articulating the "why" and the "what" for product engineering teams.  Similarly, our goal is to build a business that is competitive on the market, resilient, and sustainable in the long term, so a lot of market research is involved and occasionally I'm wearing the hat of the business analyst as well. I synthesise all the inputs and strive to create a coherent strategy, that considers all the three main factors. This is a great challenge and a great responsibility in an ever-changing context and environment.

What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities do you need to perform this role? How do you upgrade?

Kata Kéri
Product Manager

For this role, you have to be able to tell stories - whether it’s a user story or a whole user journey - spiced with profound user empathy. To use data to make decisions and prioritize accordingly. To keep the balance between stakeholders and engineering with clear communication, and make sure that what we deliver is aligned with the company vision.How do we upgrade? By constantly learning, mainly through regular feedback from my peers and managers and we set up personal goals based on these feedback.

What do you value most in your workplace? What’s your biggest motivator to come to work in the morning?

Colin Hemmings
Senior Product Manager

There are plenty of companies that offer a decent salary and a comfortable work environment. I work at Bitrise because we have the opportunity to make an impact. Everyday I wake up excited to get going, because I know that every feature we deliver and every test we run gets us closer to our vision. Bitrise offers me the opportunity to grow by finding new and creative ways to innovate.