As you are hiring more and more people the way you do this is to hire better talent than yourself.

Barnabás Birmacher

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What do our team members say?

Learn about the challenges they face, the knowledge they need and what they love about working at Bitrise.

What does your job entail and what challenges do you meet?

Zsombor Görcsi
Senior HR Generalist

For me, my job means building and retaining an A-Team. Working with the smartest people towards common goals is an amazing feeling and a challenge at the same time. You are always accountable and enabled to make your ideas and projects come true.

What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities do you need to perform this role? How do you upgrade?

Kate Piercy
Senior Recruiter, UK

Tenacity, flexibility, and pace are all in the wheelhouse of a Talent Acquisition Business Partner. Building relationships within the business, and continuous collaboration at all levels are also an absolute necessity for my role; and ultimately a love of people and seeing them grow is what drives me every day. I am a strong believer that everyone within Talent Acquisition is an ambassador of the company culture, and we have to believe it to sell it. I seek to elevate our team to the next level with a strong knowledge of hiring in a global market, moving into new territories, and building a best-in-class Talent Acquisition process that ultimately puts people first.

What do you value most in your workplace? What’s your biggest motivator to come to work in the morning?

Agnes Czutor
Employer brand strategist

No silos, no micromanagement, no hierarchy: instead, we work in cross-functional teams, together. This freedom means that I can be creative, have ownership & of course responsibility! At Bitrise we see opportunities, not challenges, there is not a single boring day here. I can experience continuous improvement of how we work and always polish our systems and processes because we always strive to be better.  What really motivates me is the speed: you can accelerate your professional development in a very rare, high scaling environment, you can evaluate & implement an idea right away. If something doesn’t work, we retro it and immediately change to plan B, we iterate a lot and push things forward. If it can be imagined, it can be created! Things are not set in stone, things are always changing, we are on the search, on the outlook of new things all the time, so adaptability is key.  The best is that we really trust each other, everyone is ready to help and support you, like in a community you always wanted to be part of. We even tell each other if something doesn’t go well which apart from continuous learning also helps keep up the standards. So our feedback culture is there to praise and learn from. The most important thing I haven't mentioned yet is that beside the hard work we always have fun and we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Everyone is approachable, the management has an open-door policy and they are ready to listen and provide you what you need to be able to do your work and create real impact.