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We are just constantly working collaboratively with every part of the organisation and with every customer, so it really makes you feel like you are a part of something a lot larger than just the customer success team.

Katie Kenney
VP of Customer Success

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Working at Bitrise

What do our team members say?

Learn about the challenges they face, the knowledge they need and what they love about working at Bitrise.

What does your job entail and what challenges do you meet?

Bobby Jack
Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager at Bitrise, we are right in the middle of all the action. Working with customers to maximise their use of Bitrise and building strong relationships with them while working with finance, product sales and marketing to put a smile on customers faces. I love it.

What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities do you need to perform this CSM role?

Mike Barrera
Customer Success Manager, US

The CSM focuses on building long-term relationships to build trust with customers. More than anyone else, the CSM should understand the needs, goals, and issues each customer faces. And like a navigator, they should have a plan for helping them navigate through rough waters and treacherous seas to success. The ultimate goal of the CSM is to shift the focus of customer success from providing reactive solutions to anticipating the needs of your customers and adopting a proactive strategy. It’s not enough to solve problems as they come along. Instead, the CSM should be able to identify potential roadblocks within the customer journey and proactively avoid them before they ever become a problem.Skills that we look for are: communication, patience, active listener, empathy, relational intelligence, mental fortitude, organizational accuracy, confidence, proactivity, strategic thinking, professional agility, and perceptive skills.

How does a CSM develop, learn and evolve?
The growth of Bitrise depends on how effective and efficient a CSM is. Most rockstar CSMs have a few common traits that help them to be successful, which eventually helps in the growth of the company. The 6 traits of mastery for a CSM are domain knowledge, strategic / problem-solving mindset, ease with data, time management, team player/ leader and empathy.

What do you value most in your workplace? What’s your biggest motivator to come to work in the morning?

Cathy Harmon
Technical Support Representative

Like many people, I want to feel like I make a difference and that I have the power to change things for the better. At Bitrise, that is simply how we work! Every morning, I start the day with the power to change people, processes, and opinions. I can reach out to anyone from the CEO to the engineers to the tech writers - we all support each other, respect each other, and care about each other. Teamwork isn’t just a corny slogan on a poster - it is how we live our best work life!