Weekly Community Roundup: October 30 – November 6

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back, everyone! This week, we saw some pretty special stuff going on, including some great articles, a non-official Bitrise app, and some video tutorials as well. Let's take a look at all the mentions we have lined up this time.

Articles of the week

Our first article this week comes from Sekiguchi, who wrote an introductory piece about how and why they moved their hybrid apps over to Bitrise, and how they loved the outcome. We're so happy to hear the platform worked out for you, folks — also, thank you for this article.

I just published Bitriseを導入しました https://t.co/qhlYPTzG4P— TinyKitten (@tinykitten8) November 5, 2019

While not actually an article, we definitely wanted to include Ivan Parfenchuk’s contribution here this week: a video tutorial about getting started with automated deployment for iOS applications in the App Store using Bitrise (all in Russian). Amazing work, Ivan — thanks for putting this together.

Next up, we have some slides from a presentation at CocoaHeads Brazil that was held by Antoine Barrault. Thank you for talking about us, Antoine — and thank you for contributing to the Speakers' Program!

We also saw two articles about getting started with Android Integration by Sanat Shukla over at Simform Engineering — his colleague, Birju Vachhani shared this article he wrote, to which we saw a continuation here. Say thanks to Sanat for us for writing these — we couldn't find his Twitter handle, but if he has one, definitely tell him to hit us up!

Last but not least, another video tutorial, this time from Hokila Jan, a member of our Writers' and Speakers' Programs! In this video, he talks about getting started with Bitrise, adding build numbering, uploading to TestFlight, and having notifications sent to Slack. That's some really great stuff there, Hokila — huge thanks for this!

Goodies of the week

This week, we saw the release of a non-official Bitrise app from Tomoya Hirano, which, we admit, looks pretty darn good. With the app, you can check on build statuses, abort builds, and even relaunch failed builds from your phone. Huge props for putting this together, Tomoya!

MacネイティブアプリのBitrise非公式アプリ作りました(SwiftUI/Catalyst) @BitriseJ https://t.co/ZDEyz1J7f7— noppe (@noppefoxwolf) November 4, 2019

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet this week comes from Connor, who just did his first build on Bitrise at the time, and thought it felt “SO fulfilling” after years of using another service. We’re so happy to hear that, Connor — let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

Next up, we have a tweet from Satoshi Baba, who talked about how great it is that we pick up mentions so fast in the Roundup. Thanks for the kind words, Satoshi — we hope we can see some amazing new articles from you here again, soon. 😉

アウトプットすると拾ってくれるBitrise https://t.co/35d6FU2AQf— ばば (@s_baba_0823) October 31, 2019

While we're on a roll, here's a tweet from Minami about how fast we are in updating new Xcode versions. We know just how important it is for everyone using Bitrise, so we try our best. Thanks for the shoutout, Minami!

めっちゃ対応早い!!! https://t.co/rlisGKapzY— みなみ (@xxmmminminmmxx) November 1, 2019

Next we have a tweet from Kevin Veroneau, who just stumbled across us, and at first glance, thought we were “really promising”. Hope you gave the platform a try, Kevin — if you have any questions, just let us know.

While looking around for an Android cross-compile docker image to run on my Intel-based development system, I stumbled upon this interesting tech. It seems really promising, as you can easily build your app for multiple targets easily. #Linux #AndroidDev https://t.co/exiLY4Ysk6— Kevin Veroneau (@kveroneau) October 31, 2019

We also saw a couple of our users reply to a poll started by Kamilah Taylor, who was asking about what people’s preferred CI/CD solutions are. Huge thanks go out to everyone who voted for us, and especially to those who replied, spreading the word about Bitrise. You’re the best!

Bitrise here— Crime Lord 🇯🇲 (@yaaadmanting) October 31, 2019
Bitrise: Simple to configure, UI is fantastic.— Agis Tsaraboulidis (@agisilaosts) October 31, 2019
Bitrise— Majid Jabrayilov (@mecid) October 31, 2019

Our next one comes from Ikemura23, who was so busy having fun with Bitrise, it looks like he missed out on Halloween. That's some special dedication there! It’s okay, Ikemura — we’re sure the project you’re working on is going to turn out amazing!

Bitriseで本番apkを作る作業してたらハロウィンが終わっていた— ikemura23 (@ikemura23) October 31, 2019

Our next tweet comes from Tomoya a.k.a T.t0m0120, who talked about how smooth things can get thanks to our Slack message integration and its usefulness when running builds. Thanks for the shoutout, Tomoya!

push毎にBitriseのBuild走らせてslackに流すの社内の人に確認してもらう時とか楽 pic.twitter.com/rT0VaEk8PD— T.t0m0120 (@t0m0120) November 1, 2019

The week wouldn’t be the same without some swag tweets! Here’s one from Kazuya a.k.a Fromkk, who just got his reward for joining the Bitrise Speakers’ Program. Glad to have you on board!

Arrived swags from @bitrise (Bitrise speaker program.) Thank you! pic.twitter.com/Xzk8qesoP1— かっくん@# Typeの人 (@fromkk) November 4, 2019

Next up is a couple of tweets from Akatsuki, who just started playing around with Bitrise and Firebase App Distribution, and it seems like everything worked out well. Hope you're having a great time using the platform!

BitriseからFirebase App Distribution動かせるようになった🎉
次はトリガーの調整と、slack通知やる。— akatsuki🍶Androidエンジニアなう (@akatsuki174)
October 31, 2019

As for our last tweet, we saved a snippet from Two2q, who tweeted out that he now has fully understood Bitrise. That's definitely what we want to hear from our users — we'd love to hear more about the project you're working on, as well as your experiences. Cheers!

bitrise完全に理解した— ツ (@two2q) November 6, 2019

That’s it for this week’s roundup, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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